Voice Marketing with Emily Binder

If it affects your business or your digital life, it's fair game on this show. Voice Marketing with Emily Binder is an award winning mini podcast about marketing and innovation. Three minutes, twice a week. Topics range from advertising to Alexa, fintech, branding, ecommerce, copywriting, product design, technology, customer experience, startups, and investing. About your host: Emily Binder is an entrepreneur, speaker, and strategist. She is the Founder of WealthVoice and Beetle Moment Marketing. Twitter: @emilybinder. Hear it on your podcast app or Alexa Flash Briefing (search your Alexa app or Amazon.com for "Voice Marketing with Emily Binder"). Subscribe free, hear past episodes, and leave a review at emilybinder.com/briefing. Awards: Project Voice 2019 Flash Briefing of the Year - Finalist.

Emily Binder

Emily Binder is an entrepreneur, voice marketing strategist, and founder of Beetle Moment Marketing, a #voicefirst marketing agency. Past: quarterback for dozens of successful marketing initiatives from startups to global brands. Present: helping businesses stay relevant and grow with forward-looking strategies focused on voice assistants, smart speakers, branded audio content, and social media. Emily speaks and writes about marketing, technology, and career. She hosts two shows about marketing and likes rollerblading, ergonomics, and hacking credit card points.