Been There Done That Got The Podcast

With Kat and Marianne

  • Touching up Mel Gibson’s bodyguard, injuring Jude Law’s child and mistaking Dustin Hoffmann for a waiter - we share your most embarrassing celebrity encounters.

    This week Kat & Marianne reveal your cringiest brushes with celebrity - hold the front page!
  • Chewing the fat over the controversial weight loss drug, our least favourite jeans and spa treatments we love and hate…

    This week Kat and Marianne weigh in over the new obesity drug, debate best and worst beauty treatments - and rejoice the return of a guilty pleasure TV hit.
  • Gird your loins, people! It’s our mini-pod, where we ask, you answer – and sometimes the other way round.

    This week Kat and Marianne ask you to reveal your worst ever dating disasters – and we’re not sure we will ever sleep again after hearing them.
  • Flirting with younger men, our worst ‘computer says no’ moments and whether shorts are acceptable after a certain age.

    This week Kat and Marianne are whingeing about annoying opening hours, debating if it’s pervy to flirt with the young fellas and revealing their knees to the nation.
  • It’s You’ve got the Podcast -  Question Time - you ask and we answer!

    It’s our snack-size You’ve Got the Podcast, where we ask – and you answer. This week: what’s the worst fashion mistake you’ve ever made?
  • Gossip from the BAFTAS, celebrities who look better as they get older and yet more dodgy headgear from Kat...

    This week Kat and Marianne enjoy BAFTA gossip, debate fashion ‘fleggings’ and endure the stress that is kids plus exams.
  • It’s You’ve got the Podcast -  Question Time - where you ask and we answer!

    For our mini Monday pod this week, Kat and Marianne answer the questions you want to know - including the revealing of an embarrassing middle name…
  • Stealing from hotel rooms, are pyjamas acceptable flight fashion - and Kat’s ‘twiglet toe’ confession…

    This week Kat & Marianne debate the rights & wrongs of nicking the hotel dressing gown, how casual you should go on a flight - and reveal our favourite summer scents.
  • Introducing Been There Done That, You’ve Got the Podcast! Our new extra mini episode, where we ask, you answer – and sometimes vice versa!

    This week Kat and Marianne share your lowest ever parenting moments. And chip in a few of our own. The shame...