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Reclaim Your Space On Social Media By Being Yourself with Mary-Claire Fredette

Season 3, Ep. 10

Is social media essential to becoming famous for what you do? 

In this episode, I'm joined by Mary-Claire Fredette, a Massage Therapist with over 23 years of experience. After getting tired of dealing with the ups and downs of the massage business, she taught herself how to boost her practice using social media. 

Through funny TikTok videos, Instagram reels, and her acute and relatable communication skills, Mary-Claire teaches massage therapists how to highlight their x-factor, stand out, and attract their ideal clients. 

We had a fantastic conversation about using social media to uncover our true selves and create engaging content that resonates with our audiences for its authentic nature. Mary-Claire shared her story, how she transitioned into the social media world, her challenges, and how she handles online trolls, negativity, and hurtful comments. 

In addition, we delve into how her kids reacted to her "being silly" on social media, the fear of success and failure, and so much more. 

Tune into episode 10 of Become Famous For What You Do, and learn how social media can help you boost your business and help you connect with your true self. 

In This Episode, You Will Learn:

  • About Mary-Claire's journey into becoming an influencer massage therapist (1:29)
  • Is social media necessary to become famous for what you do? (6:22)
  • How social media can help us connect with our true selves (16:11)
  • How Mary-Claire deals with internet trolls and negative comments online (25:23)
  • Mary-Claire's social media newbies (30:59)
  • How to be creative and truthful while being kind on social media (36:13)

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  • 17. How Will AI Transform The Way We Look At And Experience Branding with Marc Cloosterman

    The introduction of ChatGPT at the end of 2022 left us all stunned and immediately rocketed hundreds of crazy ideas about how AI would take over the world sooner rather than later. Although that dystopic scenario is far from becoming real, AI already changed how many things are done, and everything indicates it'll keep doing it. In this episode, I'm really excited to welcome Marc Cloosterman back to the show. The Founder and CEO of VIM Group, Member of the Board of Trustees at Page Society, and Partner at Team Farmer join us to share his thoughts on the impact AI, ChatGPT, and "the whole zoo of AI applications" will have on branding, social media and even freedom of speech. Throughout this episode, you'll hear Marc's unique perspective on how AI will transform how people consume information, its impact on Communications, and how it'll raise several discussions around trust and authenticity online. In addition, Marc shares a couple of predictions of where he sees branding heading, how AI will affect the geopolitical scenario and much more. Tune into episode 17 of Become Famous For What You Do, and glance at what AI makes the future of Branding and Marketing looks like. In This Episode, You Will Learn:Why are AI and ChatGPT different from Clubhouse or the Metaverse (2:10)The scariness around AI (5:00)How will AI affect the economy (8:10)Marc shares his thoughts on AI and freedom of speech (13:20)How will creators be affected by AI (17:30)The dangers of AI becoming more and more human (25:50)The importance of AI-detection software (29:10)Marc gives his predictions for what we can expect from AI in the next year (33:30)Connect with Marc:LinkedInTwitterLet's Connect!LinkedInTorund's linktr.eeTwitterInstagram
  • 16. How Right Were We About Branding In The Post-Pandemic World with Marc Cloosterman

    Although COVID is not entirely erased from our lives, thinking of the times when being in lockdown was the norm feels like it happened decades ago and not just one year and a half. What are the changes the pandemic brought that stuck with companies and disrupted how we see branding and how branding sees the world? In this episode, a re-release from my previous show, Moving Beyond Your Tribe, we revisit my conversation with Marc Cloosterman, Founder and CEO of VIM Group, Co-chair of the Page working group on Corporate Brand, country chair of Page in Germany and The Netherlands, and ambassador of the working group on Brand Leadership of the European Association of Communication Directors. Marc is also an accomplished speaker and blogger, and the author of "Future Proof Your Brand." Today's episode is a fascinating opportunity to see and compare what we thought the post-pandemic branding world would look like and how it actually looks. Marc shared his thoughts on how he imagined consumers would react and adjust to the new ways of consuming and interacting with brands, the future of the real estate industry, and inbound marketing's growth. In addition, we talk about new platforms being forced to adapt to the imminent interface changes, the massive opportunity for brands to create next-level customer experience, and so much more. Tune into episode 16 of Become Famous For What You Do, and glance at what we thought the world would look like in 2022, back in the middle of the pandemic. In This Episode, You Will Learn:Turning into more virtual connections reduced the distance between people for international companies (8:10)The increase in digitalization and how it will propel companies' growth (14:40)The pandemic forced an upgrade in quality assurance (20:00)A relatively new position is increasing its relevance, the Chief Digital Officer (25:10)Pros and Cons of Clubhouse and why it had such a success (28:20)The dissimilarities between how different generations consume information (33:40)Who will be the communicators in the post-pandemic world (41:10)Resources:VIM Group websiteBook: Marc Cloosterman - Future Proof Your Brand: Data-Driven Insights to Implement, Manage, and Optimise Your Brand PerformanceConnect with Marc:LinkedInTwitterLet's Connect!LinkedInTorund's linktr.eeTwitterInstagram
  • 15. Branding Done Right: Purpose-Driven Healthcare with Amber Enright

    Everyone has a gift. If you can harness it, that's what your business should be about. - Amber EnrightIn this episode, I'm joined by Amber Enright, an experienced Doctor of Physical Therapy, Owner of The Therapy Doctor, and Co-founder of Scottsdale Living Corp. She is a passionate memorable moments creator who loves physiotherapy and pays special attention to Neurologic, Orthopedic, and Pediatric populations. Throughout our conversation, we talk about Amber's unique approach to healthcare, prioritizing the human touch in everything she does and running her business, moved by the genuine desire to improve her patients' lives and elevate her profession. Amber also talks about the "thank you economy" and the importance of harnessing our gifts when starting a business.Additionally, we talk about connection, purpose, healthcare and sales, patient-oriented education for people outside of the medical community, how to deal with negative interactions, and much more. Tune into episode 15 of Become Famous For What You Do, and learn more about Amber's human approach to healthcare.In This Episode, You Will Learn:A bit about Amber's business and her goals as a Doctor of Physical Therapy (3:30)Amber talks about communication with non-verbal patients (11:10)Connection is vital in treating any condition (19:20)In any business, it is all about creating memorable experiences (31:20)The thank you economy (38:40)How to promote the right kind of engagement (43:30)Connect with Amber:WebsiteLinkedInVisit the Scottsdale Living Facebook groupLet's Connect!LinkedInTorund's linktr.eeTwitterInstagram
  • 14. Taming Crypto: A Step-by-Step Process to Becoming a Savvy Digital Asset Investor with Maryl Gladstone

    "If everybody's saying something, if the media is saying something, I look for futurists looking beyond what's being said because they're creating the future." - Maryl Gladstone.In this episode, I'm joined by the Generational Wealth Strategist Maryl Gladstone. She is also a mother, a healer, and the author of the soon-to-be-published: "Taming Crypto: A step-by-step process to becoming a savvy digital asset investor." Maryl's obsession with safety made her dive deeper into understanding how to mitigate risk and generate wealth. Turning that knowledge into action, Maryl managed trusts and businesses, transforming one trust's worth from $100K to $3 million in just five years. Throughout our conversation, Maryl explained what makes cryptocurrencies so attractive, her process of getting acquainted with a field she knew very little about, and how she found the right mentors to learn everything about these disruptive technologies. She also shares the lessons learned from her "mad money" stories and why she believes it is crucial to understand how cryptocurrencies work, even if you are not interested in investing in them. Additionally, we talk about her book and how she came up with the FOMO family, how she intends to use her book to create a community, and much more. Tune into episode 14 of Become Famous For What You Do, and dip your toes into the future of finances, investments, and currency. In This Episode, You Will Learn:About why Maryl dove into crypto (2:10)How to find the right mentor (8:05)Maryl shares a "mad money" story (11:10)Maryl answers: what are cryptocurrencies? (18:30)About Maryl's book. Crypto's Wild Wild West (24:20)How to protect your passwords (34:10)Can you buy anything with crypto? (37:00)Connect with Maryl:WebsiteLinkedInInstagramFacebookPre-order her book! - Taming Crypto: A Step-by-Step Process to Becoming a Savvy Digital Asset InvestorLet's Connect!LinkedInTorund's linktr.eeTwitterInstagram
  • 13. Take Your Brand To The Next Level: Serve Your Community with John Doering

    Stop wasting time and money on Facebook or Instagram ads, PPC, or direct mailers. Instead, spend time meeting other people and giving them value. In this episode, I'm joined by John Doering, Founder of Scottsdale Living, a thriving Facebook Group with over 40,000 members, which receives over 64,000 interactions, and 400,000 new visitors every month. In 2017, John started this community to get more leads that would help him as a Real Estate Agent. Yet Scottsdale Living's purpose, and the reason for its tremendous success, is that John created it under a simple premise: to provide value. Throughout our conversation, John depicts his journey of growing his magnificent community, the lessons learned along the way, and the value it brought to Scottsdale's neighbors and businesses. He also talks about how being at service is the key to taking any business to the next level, the importance of heavily investing in personal branding, and what people buy when they do business with a brand.Additionally, John talks about his experiences branching to Phoenix and Tempe Living, when he realized he was famous, and so much more.Tune into episode 13 of Become Famous For What You Do, and learn more about creating a community when everyone craves it.  In This Episode, You Will Learn:A bit about how Scottsdale Living was created (3:01)John talks about his community becoming "the third space" (8:19)One of John's biggest lessons learned from building his community (12:13)You must learn to let go (18:15)Stop wasting time on ads; go out there and meet people (31:33)People won't remember you; you must give them something to remember you (41:40)About the time John realized he was famous (48:51)Connect with John:LinkedInVisit the Scottsdale Living Facebook groupLet's Connect!LinkedInTorund's linktr.eeTwitterInstagram
  • 12. Groundswell: The Unseen Wave of Business Growth with Scott Martin

    The perfect wave to surf and a brilliant idea for a marketing strategy have something in common: they both have chaotic origins. In this episode, I'm joined by the Author, Strategist, Founder of Groundswell Origins and the Groundswell Academy, and Host of the Groundswell Marketing Strategy podcast, Scott Martin. Scott is a marketing specialist with over two decades of experience in branding and community building. He is known for mixing leading-edge marketing innovation with a traditional approach and delivering sensible, informed, and forward-thinking strategies. Throughout our conversation, Scott talks about the concept of groundswell, born from his passion for surfing, applied to marketing, advertising, and branding. We also discuss the importance of building solid inner circles and how to create them, niche audiences vs. massive following, and the difference between attention and growth in social media advertising. Additionally, Scott, who is indeed a marketing encyclopedia, shared his thoughts on the human connection between brands and their audiences, why overposting teaches your audience to ignore you, how AI will change how we sell and buy, and so much more. Tune into episode 12 of Become Famous For What You Do, and learn about the present and future of branding, social media advertising, sales, and branding. In This Episode, You Will Learn:What is groundswell? And how it relates to marketing and branding (2:16)The origin of an idea is like the origin of a storm (9:23)Scott talks about the importance of inner circles (23:04)About how Scott discovered the power of creating communities (30:13)The patient philosophy vs. the 10x approach (40:59)How to build a community that lasts (50:10)Scott shares a bit about his next book and what we can expect in branding and marketing in the future (1:00:54)Resources:Book - Scott Marting - Groundswell: The Unseen Wave of Business GrowthThe Groundswell Marketing podcastConnect with Scott:LinkedInGroundswell Origins websiteLet's Connect!LinkedInTorund's linktr.eeTwitterInstagram
  • 11. Fame Is The New Currency - Zachary Interviews Torund

    How ready are you to become known in your industry sector? In this episode, Zachary Houghton becomes a host for a minute and interviews Torund to discuss her soon-to-be-published book, "Fame is the new currency," debunk the negative connotations of fame, and how to use fame as a currency to turn your business more profitable, and have more opportunities. Throughout this episode, Torund explains why you should prepare for fame within your industry, how to use fame to boost your branding, redirect your social media advertising, and take your sales and promotions to the next level. She also explains the difference between being a celebrity and being famous, how to turn fame into your new currency, and why she believes fame is accessible to anyone.Additionally, you'll learn why it might be hard to identify your differentiator on your own, how to draw attention to your business in times of short attention spans, and much more. Tune into episode 11 of Become Famous For What You Do and learn how to compete with the world, multiply your fame, and find your way through the fame economy. In This Episode, You Will Learn:A bit about Torund's new book "Fame is the new currency" (2:12)Fame has become democratized (7:48)About the need for content creation and social media presence (10:35)How do you turn fame into your new currency (13:06)Become the sun of your solar system (17:46)The differences between being a celebrity and being famous (27:37)How to prepare yourself for fame (35:45)Let's Connect!LinkedInTorund's linktr.eeTwitterInstagram
  • 9. The Ripple Affect Of Community with Anita Anello

    Corporate and business have become so competitive, and we are so focused on improving and promoting ourselves that we don't notice we are turning into outlying islands. We get so caught up in the grind that we forget we can become countless times more powerful through community and collaboration. In this episode, I'm joined by Anita Anello, a Creative Problem Solver, Mentor, Strategic Coach, and Servant Leader to Corporate Women of Faith who loves to help women live with joy, make more money, and enjoy every second of the transition into their new lives. Throughout our conversation, Anita described her transition from executive positions in corporate America to a homeschooling mom and entrepreneur. We learn more about the tiny adjustments in life that can produce massive change, how to nurture a growth mindset, and why it is instrumental for successful women to rely on their community. Anita also talks about the #1 challenge most women face in their professional lives, how to create healthy boundaries, shared some content creation tips, and so much more.Tune into episode 9 of Become Famous For What You Do, and discover the formula to love your work and life equally. In This Episode, You Will Learn:A bit about Anita's journey from corporate to entrepreneurship (8:02)The importance of getting validation and agency from our life partners (11:27)How women's nature can play "against" them in business (24:19)The #1 challenge women face in their professional lives (29:12)What happens when we make tiny adjustments in our lives. The ripple affect (42:34)Resources mentioned:Book: Brian Switalski - MXLTIPLY: A Social Media Guide for Every Entrepreneur to Connect With a Multitude of People, Gain a Massive Following, and Mxltiply Your SalesConnect with AnitaThe Ripple Affect websiteLinkedInLet's Connect!LinkedInTwitterInstagram