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  • 24. Charlie's Angels

    It looks like we went a whole week and missed a release! Whoops! Anyway, here's Bec and Frost's take on the 2000s iconic Action Comedy Charlies Angels.

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  • 23. Men In Black

    A quick little episode on the '97 classic comedy science fiction - Men In Black. Frost gets at least one letter of a character's name right, and we show off our singing skills.
  • 22. The Sixth Sense

    Frost butchers M. Night Shyamalan's name and Bec is confident she would have worked out the twist in this 1999 Icon.
  • 21. Honey, I Shrunk The Kids

    Bec and Frost discuss old and new games after watching the Iconic Rick Moranis Family Adventure. Join us on this epically tiny adventure!
  • 20. The Godfather

    Episode 20! What a milestone. We've come a long way with how things are done. To mark the occasion, we've done one of the top-rated films of all time.
  • 19. Taken

    Bec and Frost get mixed up between District 9 and District 13, and discuss Liam Neeson's foray into becoming an action hero.
  • 18. 9 to 5

    Our oldest film yet, we get to enjoy Dolly Parton bring her charisma to the big screen in this Comedy Thriller.Please excuse Bec's quiet mic at the start! We didn't realise the thing was turned town.