Beauty from the Heart

with Rose Gallagher

Beauty from the Heart is a podcast encouraging warm, meaningful conversations with some of the most inspiring people in the beauty industry. Hosted by @RoseGallagher.

Life, love and make-up with Sam and Nic Chapman

Season 1, Ep. 9
I am so excited to have my favourite make-up artists, Sam and Nic Chapman, on the podcast today. What’s so powerful about them is that they’ve made such a huge impact on the beauty community just by being themselves. Over the years they’ve used their platform to speak openly about all kinds of personal experiences, from living through domestic violence to living with depression and MS. Their openness has culminated a community where people feel like they can share and be themselves without judgement. Today we’re talking about a little bit of everything, be it their first jobs in beauty, the journey to finding a work/life balance and how their early experiences have shaped the women they are now. I loved getting to make this one, I hope you like it too.Here are some of the things that we discuss in this episode that you may wish to take a look at…Pixiwoo on’s IGTV page:’s IGTV page:’s yellow glitter eyeshadow with their mom about their family life:’s MS story: make-up lessons: Brown make-up lesson: beauty personal shopping service with Nic’s friend Freyja Barker (@MUAFreyja) Hughes’ first book, Pretty Honest: Emma Guns Show: