Beauty Aside


What I Learned From my Beauty Biz Coaching Session With Kris Carr

Season 4, Ep. 4

Is your dream to have a successful online beauty or wellness business but something's holding you back from thriving?

Well, maybe it's time to delve in a little deeper and examine your customer's online experience!

Recently, I attended a wonderful online course called Results Business with Kris Carr and I was lucky enough to be chosen out of over a hundred badass women to be in the hot seat!

I couldn't have been more grateful for this once in a lifetime opportunity to have a one on one coaching session with the oh-so-talented wellness activist and cancer thriver, Kris Carr and her Director of Content, Mandi.

In this special episode, I share a few golden nuggets with you that I plucked away from my time with them so that you, too, can also apply these tangible tips towards your own business, website and social media presence!

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