Beauty Aside


Skincare 101 with Jentri Quinn and Seslie Recker (Skin Talks Series)

Season 1, Ep. 8

Are you struggling with finding the right solutions for your skin, or getting overwhelmed by all the products and marketing scams out there? If so, you are not alone! Each month on the Beauty Aside podcast we are going to host a special “Skin Talks” segment where we clear up some of the myths and confusion regarding our skin health and explore a more integrative approach to healing and wellness! 

Today's special guest, Seslie Recker, is a licensed esthetician and holistic practitioner. Not only is she a dear friend of mine, but she’s one of the most thoughtful professionals I know -- always leading with a mindful heart. In this first episode, we explore the most common skin care concerns from clients and offer practical advice as to why a more holistic and integrative approach may be worth considering.

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