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Beauty Aside

How to Stop Making Excuses and Start Showing up for You

Season 4, Ep. 12

Get ready to go deep with your purpose & power today in this special episode with endurance athlete, TBI survivor, and life coach, Molly Cain, who shares her inspiring story of having a near death experience that lead to a brain injury that changed her life forever...

Molly also shares her brave story of being a woman defined by looks in the workplace, her mission to give back and help others with brain injuries through her non-profit, Smile U Woke Up, and the tools she uses to help cope with anxiety and move past limiting beliefs.

For a limited time only, take advantage of this awesome free coaching session with Molly below!

"Fear is the opposite of faith."

-Molly Cain

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    Today, we're talking about overcoming obstacles while in the spotlight, and how life’s rejection can also be your protection!My guest today is a fitness DVD icon, motivational speaker, television host, emcee and product endorser.You may know her from the multi-million dollar workout series, Buns of Steel, where she’s starred and choreographed 18 of the famous exercise DVD’s which have sold over 6 million copies worldwide! She also holds a pitch person track record of success totaling over a billion $ in infomercial sales.During our time together, Leisa shares insider secrets on how to get your products on a shopping network, like QVC, and spills the beans on all the behind the scenes action you don't see on TV!Leisa also shares how her journey with personal growth has led her to discover new silver linings!For more info on Leisa, or to book her for an upcoming speaking event go here!Watch Leisa's free workout videos here!
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    Today, it's all about EXFOLIATION and how to do it for more younger looking skin!But why do you need to do it anyway? What's cell rate turn over?Which acids are the best? How do you use them?How many times a week do you use them? What time of the day is best to do it?Yeah, in the next ten minutes we're covering all that and more! As always, please connect with me on IG & FB @jentriquinnmakeup for your daily dose of beauty inspiration & easy-to-do videos!If you like what I do & want more of it, please consider leaving me a rating or review on apple podcast. It'd mean the world to me!Connect with us online here too: www.jentriquinn.comps. I'm now on TikTok!