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Finding your Wellness with Kelly Hander

Season 1, Ep. 12

My next guest is a savvy business owner and mother of two. She’s extremely passionate about health and wellness and her company, Be Well Bodyworks in Longmont, CO, offers a healing experience, designed to promote stress relief and ease physical pain. I’m so happy she’s decided to join us here today because we’re gonna learn A LOT about balancing motherhood while growing a successful business. Her name is Kelly Hander and if you're an aspiring entrepreneur, successful business owner, or busy mom thinking of becoming one -- this episode is for YOU.

Kelly's practice focuses on Ashiatsu massage that is based on a Swedish technique and the principles of Chinese medicine stating that good health is dependent on the balanced flow of vitality in the body. This massage uses feet on the back and is great for reducing muscle pain and for those with tight ligaments and sore shoulders and hips. Pressure is applied with the feet, working on tension areas and to release areas of pain with focused movement. They are among a select group of 1,500 therapists in the country who are certified in this technique.

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