Beauty Aside


The Hemp Craze: What You Need to Know

Season 1, Ep. 4

CBD has slowly grown to become one of the largest trends. Lately, it's even being praised in the beauty and spa industry. But as with the excitement of most new trends also comes skepticism and confusion. In Part 1 of our CBD episode, we go beyond the hype with National Sales Director, Marc Phaneuf, of Restorative Botanicals to learn the truth about CBD and how we may benefit from responsibly sourced fulled spectrum hemp-based products.

Restorative Botanicals, a leading provider of high quality full spectrum hemp-based products, provides effective and affordable herbal solutions to improve overall health and wellness. Restorative Botanical Oils are grown and produced in Colorado using superior quality Certified Organically Grown Hemp cultivars.

We’ve included a special coupon code for our listeners! Visit Restorative Botanicals at and enter BEAUTY20 at checkout to get 20% off your entire 1st order. One time only.

Part 2: The Science Behind Full Spectrum Hemp Oil will be released 7/17

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