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How to Make Your Dream Work for You

Season 3, Ep. 6

If you've been on the fence about how to make your dream work for you, instead of against you, this next episode is for you! Filled with encouraging determination from a relentless hopeful, we are inspired to open our minds to the many ways we can merge our wildest dreams with reality to live a life we fully love!

My next guest is the star of the hit documentary, The Pretender, that premiered at the Beverly Hills Film Festival and he’s also the creator of the Yo, Philly! Rocky Film Tour. He’s spent his entire life impersonating and paying homage to his favorite character and movie, Rocky (which also happens to also be mine!)!

During our visit, Mike shares his transformational journey that started at the age 11 when he first watched Rocky, to now in his 50's -- being the star of a hit documentary and successfully running The Yo, Philly! Rocky Film Tour while enjoying life in Philly with his wife, Sue!

The Yo, Philly! Rocky Film Tour

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