Beautifully Complicated Podcast

We are more than the singular labels we or others place on ourselves. The beautiful complexities of our being affects how we see and interact with the world around us. It is the foundation of how we show up in our own purpose. Those complexities were perfectly put together to position us to have maximal impact in our actual purpose.

Beautifully Complicated Podcast is a podcast that speaks to the purpose-filled entrepreneur who is more than just that. It speaks to the entrepreneur who is engaged civically, indulges in social commentary, relishes in self care, and is focused on launching or growing their business. It is because it is these entrepreneurs who know that their greatest impact lies in their ability operate fully on purpose in all areas of their lives. We're not monoliths. We're fully realized people. This podcast was designed to celebrate the holism our lives represent while helping us making more money in the process. It enables us to obtain business tips, engage in the latest news stories, focus in on self care and personal growth, and honor black women (past & present) who personify excellence in their respective fields.

Hosted by Sheena Hunt, Beautifully Complicated is just one millennial black woman's perspective on the human condition and beautiful commentary from those who join her from time to time on the show to help empower entrepreneurial listeners to live & operate in their purpose.

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Sheena Hunt

I'm Sheena Hunt, your resident Rich Auntie! I am founder & CEO of The DeVain Collective. I'm a millennial entrepreneur on a mission to inspire, empower, and position women to live authentically in their purpose. I believe in speaking to the whole woman! I want you to not only create and build an amazing business, but do so while being an engaged citizen, prioritizing self-care, and continuing to grow. My goal is to help women entrepreneurs to live their lives fully, wholly, and on purpose. We can make money with purpose, impact lives with purpose, and transform our lives purposefully.