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We are more than the singular labels people place on us, BeautifullyComplicated reflects how the complexities of our lives impact how we interact with the world.

We are more than the singular labels we or others place on ourselves. The beautiful complexities of our being affects how we see and interact with the world around us. It is the foundation of how we show up in our own pu

In the Moment - From Now to Next

In the Moment - From Now to NextWe're headed into a new year! Before you roll out your 'new year, new me' mantra, let's do some introspective exercises to look back and ahead to realize our vision for ourselves. We're guiding you through 2 exercises in this In The Moment episode - Rear View Mirror exercise & The Road Ahead exercise. Grab your favorite journal and download the question guide to use as we work through this exercise to get you ready for the new year.Happy New Year from Beautifully Complicated Podcast & The DeVain Collective team. See you in 2022! ____________________________________Make sure you subscribe to the show to join us for every new episode. "Like" it on your app and share it with friends & family! Help us spread the word 😊How to connect with The DeVain Collective or Sheena: Make sure you like the Beautifully Complicated Podcast page on Facebook!Learn more about our Optimize services.Sign up for my email list so you can get amazing goodies like Purpose. Profit. Impact. directly to your inbox!Check out The DeVain Collective Facebook page and share your insights with the community.1st Mini-Course launched - Optimize the Process is a course focused on helping you with doing the sustainability work in your biz by writing and implementing standard operating procedures and training. Purchase it today!You can always reach out to the host, Sheena, at:Twitter: @SheenaD1 - Instagram: @SheenaD1 - Website: www.thedevaincollective.comEmail us: hello@thedevaincollective.comAlways remember that the best life is Beautifully Complicated.