Beast: The Murder of Nora Sheehan

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  • Introduction - Beast: The Murder of Nora Sheehan

    Nora Sheehan, a Cork mother of three, was found murdered on the banks of the River Bandon in 1981. She had suffered a tragic, violent death, and the discovery of her body shocked the community. One local man soon became the chief suspect, but a series of freak accidents and untimely deaths let Noel Long walk free. Now, 42 years later, the case of Nora Sheehan's death is once again before the courts. The evidence has changed, but the suspect has not – will Noel Long get away with it again? From the team behind Crime World and The Witness: In His Own Words, "Beast: The Murder of Nora Sheehan" is a new podcast series examining Ireland's coldest case. Join me, Nicola Tallant, and the rest of the Crime World team as we investigate the brutal murder, track the decades-long journey towards justice, and reveal the hurt and heartbreak suffered by two families, as the devastating consequences of the killing ripple down through the generations.

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  • 1. Beast – Episode 1

    Noel Long was charged with killing Nora Sheehan in 1981, but he walked free. He was charged again in 2022. As his trial for murder gets underway, Nicola and the Crime World team meet Julieanna Moore Watkins, Long's sister, who tells us about her brother's long history of violence.
  • 2. Beast – Episode 2

    What was Noel Long like as a child? Nicola talks to Long's sister, Julieanna, about the Cork killer's early days with his family, his time in the British Army, and his first acts of violence against women.
  • 3. Beast – Episode 3

    The discovery of Nora Sheehan's body near the Bandon river in Co. Cork in 1981 shocked the local community. In this episode, Nicola finds out how the murder investigation began, and speaks to two of the forensic scientists who analysed the original evidence forty-two years ago.
  • 4. Beast – Episode 4

    Nicola talks to cold case detective Alan Bailey about the investigation into the murder of Nora Sheehan.
  • 5. Beast – Episode 5

    As Noel Long's trial for murder gets underway in Dublin, Nicola speaks to detectives and forensic scientists involved in the case.
  • 6. Beast – Episode 6

    Julianna speaks to Nicola in the aftermath of Noel Long's conviction for murder, and they travel together to meet Mark Sheehan, Nora's grandson.