Be My Neighbor


Samantha Ettus: Helping us to Re-Write Our Lives

Ep. 37

We, as well as many of our neighbors, are in what we're calling a transition standstill. Whether you are trying to plan your next steps because you've been furloughed from your job, trying to push yourself to stay motivated while working from home, juggling far too much, or simply trying to shake your life up, we know that this “re-write” has not been easy.

Enter: one of our new neighborhood heroes - Samantha Ettus. We don’t think it could have come at a better time to have Samantha Ettus come on.

Since earning her undergraduate and MBA degrees from Harvard, where she was also a rock star tennis player, Samantha has become the best-selling author of five books, a renowned speaker, and the host of a nationally-syndicated call-in radio show. In 2018, Sam founded Park Place Payments, as a way to create flexible career opportunities and disrupt the $8B payments and credit card processing industry, supporting both women and communities at once. She found a niche that needed solving and has helped women maintain both their careers and personal lives while working there. She is also a mom of 3 and somehow fits in the time to support women running for office as Co-founder of the Los Angeles Women's Collective.

In addition to speaking about the business, we wanted y’all to take away something tangible from Samantha- as we’re committed to giving you the tools to learn and grow.

In her book, The Pie Life: A Guilt Free Recipe For Success and Satisfaction, she states 7 pieces of the pie that bake a recipe for fulfillment. As a lot of us have been stripped of what we thought would make us happy and lead us to a feeling of success, we ask Samantha to lead us through an actual exercise to help create a life that is truly gratifying, balanced and full.

Easier said, than done, but if you’re in need of some inspo, strap in and do this exercise with us. We walked away ready to take on the entire day, month, etc. and not shy away from our fears that might be holding us back.