Be My Neighbor


Be My Neighbor Ep. 18: Authenticity is Always our True North

Ep. 18

Y'all – today’s episode features the first MAN to ever sit down at our BE MY NEIGHBOR table - Tommy Didario!  


If you don’t know Tommy or haven’t watched him on your TV, he is a Host and on-air Lifestyle Expert that covers it all – from pop news, trends, fashion, grooming, wellness and fitness! Tommy is also a contributor on The Rachael Ray Show, a co-host of Amazon Live and known as one of GQ’s exclusive GQ Insiders, partnering with some of the biggest global brands.


We found this episode to be so refreshing with him as we sipped the tea (aka rosé) and dished on:


-         The “influencer” word and how Tommy went from organically managing two global social media accounts to his own

-         How him and his husband Gio Benitez broke the internet with their Paris proposal

-         Coming from a place of not saying NO, while not operating on fear

Tommy is totally our style – an all-heart, real person that puts in the work to make it happen. We’d love to hear your thoughts and if you have any questions for Tommy, we will send his way!