Be More Pirate


Laura Willoughby MBE

Season 1, Ep. 4

In this episode we tackle the somewhat taboo topic that is alcohol consumption. We're joined by the fabulous Laura Willoughby of Club Soda, a community that provides courses and resources for anyone who wants to change their drinking habits. A former political campaigner, Laura co-founded the movement in 2015 after realising that the standard narrative around alcoholism and recovery wasn't working for her, and so probably wasn't working for others either.   

We learnt a hell of a lot from Laura about how you can bring much needed nuance to a binary conversation and tackle an entrenched social norm from multiple angles whilst remaining refreshingly human and non-preachy. 

Listen to the end for some great alcohol-free recommendations! 

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The Uncertainty Experts

Season 2, Ep. 5
This week's episode is a bit different, as we steer away from pirates and rebellion and intoSam's new project, The Uncertainty Experts: a three part interactive documentary that is scientifically proven to increase your tolerance to Uncertainty. And after the year we've had, what could possibly be more helpful?Inthe same vein as Be More Pirate, The Uncertainty Experts is full of stories. It's based on interviews with some remarkable people who have each found their way through deep uncertainty and developed strategies that can help you in turn. And, it's backed up with some robust researchundertaken by scientists at University College London that helps you to understand the brain science behind the narrative. In a nutshell, it's an edgy, experimental reframe of uncertainty as something not to fear or avoid but to embrace. In this episode of the podcast I chat to Sam and lift the lid on the process of putting thedocumentary together and explore some of the concepts that really stood out to me.The Uncertainty Experts airs on 9th November, if you go to the websiteuncertaintyexperts.comyou can get a taste of some of the people you'll meet on this unusualjourney, take the uncertainty test and get a feel for what it's all about. You can also of course purchase tickets to the show, which are discounted until the end of October. And of course, there's an even bigger discount for you pirates, just drop me a line,alex@bemorepirate.comif you'd like to get the code.