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Episode 92 140 Years Later and Oakes Ames Hall is Still For You with Frederick Ames

Season 3, Ep. 92

Oakes Ames Memorial Hall is one of 5 H.H Richardson buildings in Easton, MA (my hometown). Frederick Ames President of the Board of Trustees shares the history as well as the space as it is and used today. Pre COVID Oakes Ames Hall hosted up to 150 events a year weddings, special occasions and musical events. I actually had one of my High School Semi Formals on the second floor. This space and our entire downtown historic district is something worth a drive to see. To learn more about Oakes Ames Memorial Hall or to rent you can do it here And to support Oakes Ames Memorial Hall as a Friend of Oakes Ames Hall you can learn more here

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