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Episode 44 Free Offer to Help Medical Distancing with Les Trachtman

Season 2, Ep. 44

CEO of Purview Les Trachtman sits down with me from 500 miles socially distant away to share what he and his company are doing in this unprecedented time. Purview is a small fast growing company based in Annapolis, MD that falls in the telemedicine category. Simply what they do is enable physicians to remotely review and diagnose patients using data from multiple sources-using their medical imaging scans, pathology reports, test data, and physician reports, often for second or remote expert opinions.

Their product offerings provide not only freedom to diagnose anywhere but also allowing patients with critical ailments from having to further risk exposure to see a scan or go over with physician.

Purview is offering their products to patients and Dr. at this time to help minimize peoples exposure to potential Coronavirus.

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