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The Bridgebuilders Society Pod

CLIMATE HISTORIAN - Fredrik Charpentier Ljungqvist!

Season 3, Ep. 7

Don´t miss the fascinating story of Fredrik Charpentier Ljungqvist, associate professor of history and of physical geography and an expert in both medieval history and climate history. In recent time he has also researched - surprise - pandemics and he shares many insights with us in this episode of the BBS Pod.

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  • 8. Food Activist- Olga Grönvall Lund!

    Number 8 is out! Get swept away by the energy of entrepreneur and food activist Olga Grönvall Lund - the founder of Reformaten, an organisation that aims to create a new, sustainable food system. Olga talks about the problem of "doof", her vision, what she really loves to eat and her mission to world leaders.
  • 6. Singing Producer - Benoît Malmberg

    It’s been a long coronavirus break but finally we’re back! Don’t miss the new episode of the BBS Pod featuring singing producer Benoit Malmberg. Benoit is a producer at the Royal Dramatic Theatre in Stockholm (Dramaten), a director, a casting director - and the man who founded the world famous Romeo & Julia Choir. He talks in a very compelling way about how music can heal people, even in war zones. The Bridgebuilder´s Society Pod - the pod where you meet the exciting people who connect cultures, businesses and people around the world. Hosted by marketing expert Josephine Charpentier and journalist Tina Magnergard Bjers. 
  • 5. Creative Director - Jakob Trollbäck!

    Don´t miss the exciting story of graphic designer extraordinaire Jakob Trollbäck, the man behind the award-winning communication system for the United Nation's Global Goals. A former DJ, Jakob loves beauty, complexity and logic - and has built successful companies in both the United States and Sweden.The Bridgebuilders Society Pod is the pod where you meet the outstanding humans who connect cultures, countries and people around the word. You find it wherever you get your podcasts (link in bio). Hosted by entrepreneur Josephine Charpentier and journalist Tina Magnergård Bjers.
  • 4. Suspense Writer - Camilla Grebe!

    Don't miss the fantastic story of Swedish suspense author extra ordinaire Camilla Grebe. Camilla has written a long line of award-winning suspense novels that have gotten lots of attention internationally. Her brilliant and often brutal stories may not convey the sunniest pictures of Sweden but they are food for thought and interesting conversations all over the world.
  • 3. Inclusion Specialist - Ellen Tejle!

    Media entrepreneur, feminist, inclusion specialist and creator of A-rate. Wonder woman Ellen Tejle tells her life story in the new episode of the BBS Pod - now in feeds. This is a special episode in Swedish. English speaking listeners, please scroll to the last two minutes of the podcast for a summary.
  • 2. Experience Director - Mattias Hansson!

    New episode of the BBS Pod now in your feed! Don't miss the amazing story of media entrepreneur and exhibition guru Mattias Hansson, the man behind the Abba Museum in Stockholm and program director for Swedens' pavilion to Expo 2020 in Dubai.
  • 1. UN-INSIDER Lisa Laskaridis!

    We are proud to present Lisa Laskaridis a UN-insider as our first guest at The BBS Pod!In today's complex world some people stand out. We call them bridge builders - humans with extraordinary capacity to bring people and cultures together. In The Bridge Builder Society Pod, The BBS Pod, we meet them, people who have come to create bypasses between countries. The bridges can consist in diplomacy, food, architecture or technology but the bridge builders all have one thing in common: They have a great life story. Join us and meet them on The BBS Pod.