The Review

Season 1, Ep. 17

Join Joe Rogers and Patrick Beggs to review season one of #BaU. From the lows of figuring out portable pandemic studios to the highs of great guests covering topics such as indigenous rights, dyslexia, community reform, social media as societal kryptonite, and art. Listening to our guest's process has been a big ride and an even bigger privilege. Pearls of wisdom have fallen out of each one of our guests. Our big learning? For real change to occur it takes small incremental steps with consistent sustained effort. Nothing happens overnight, not even a podcast.


A huge thanks to all who joined us

conor hickeyAlasdair MacKinnonRebecca Scott, OAMJudy AtkinsonGeorge Hedon, Enabler of Awesome, Pause FestFiona ArmstrongSimon GoodrichMadeleine HabibDean Starbuck BragonierSam PattersonDr Sue Thomas FRSADipayan Ghosh, Scott Cane, Gavin Morris 


Hope you have been enjoying the ride as much as we have. Season two starts in a couple of weeks.

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