cover art for Ep 111 - Corned Beef Chest (S7E8&9)

Batch Bitch

Ep 111 - Corned Beef Chest (S7E8&9)

Danielle's vyvanse prescription has been bumped up and it's very obvious as she goes on seventeen hundred tangents during this episode that already requires us to cover 3 episodes worth of content (we love Konrad's dad)

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    Wow... it's the last ever episode of Batch Bitch........ congratulations to Abbie and Konrad, Naomi is jealous of both of you
  • Ep 110 - It's Turkey Lurkey Time (S7E7)

    Only one episode of the Bachelorette this week, which is good because Naomi and Danielle are preoccupied with All Too Well (10 Minute Version) (Taylor's Version) (From The Vault) (The Short Film) (Written and Directed by Taylor Swift)
  • Ep 109 - Uh Oh Bisghettio (S7E5&6)

    Naomi is still horny for everyone ....... umm bisexual queen alert???? Danielle tells us about a man from North Queensland called "Big Davey" and Naomi absolutely loses it on Osher (you either die her hero or live long enough to become her villain - but also being a villain is part of being Naomi's hero so it really is a lose lose here)
  • Ep 108 - There's a little Vanessa Amorosi in all of us (S7E3&4)

    So sorry, they've both gone insane. Do we or do we not stan Konrad??? In this economy????? HELP US?
  • Ep 107 - Quietly Bi (Bachelorette S7E1&2)

    Naomi and Danielle are BACK in a BIG way (on amphetamines). Talking the bachelorette and Naomi’s until now completely secret attraction to women. (Also sorry the sound is slightly weird for the first 20 mins it’s Naomi’s fault but she is bisexual now so you literally cannot attack her)
  • Ep 106 - In Conversation with Abbie Chatfield (GAY LIAR??)

    We are finally joined by Abbie Chatfield on the podcast! We talk about her season of the Bachelor, all of us probably having ADHD, her plethora of sex toys and reminisce on our trauma bonding. Queen, villain, normal hot girl, we stan
  • Ep 105 - Ben Russell's once in a lifetime cry

    Comedian and friend Ben Russell regales us with a story of one of the most haunting nights of his life - Georgia Love's wedding - where a few bad decisions turned him into "that guy" at the reception. After that go listen to the Grub!!!!!
  • Ep 104 - Samantha Andrew Tiktok sensation

    This week we had a little chit chat with Samatha Andrew off the young peoples app called tiktok. Enjoy!!