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104 - Who's Got Your Back?

Recently Ray and I were sent copies of the soon-to-be-released book, Who's Got Your Back? by David W. Smith. Here's a quick preview:

Who’s Got Your Back? provides a clarion call for men to be the kind of men modeled for us by Jesus. This is a playbook on how to be strong, task oriented and achieving, but also warm-hearted and unmistakably relationship driven during the rough and tumble of everyday life. This good book brings into sharp focus a genuine and functional and real-life definition of manliness. David Smith has skillfully woven stories with practical application strategies for building more satisfying friendships. Those who have your back will usually be the same individuals who know they can count on you in the good times and in times of trouble.

So tune in as Ray chat about this book and need for genuine, Biblical friendship.

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