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239 - Fundamentalism, Evangelicalism and the Emerging Middle

Happy Easter!!!! This week I was planning to upload an Easter message I recently preached, but unfortunately there was a problem with the recording. So, in its place, I have reached into the archives and pulled out a retro interview I conducted with Phil Johnson of Grace to You. It's been well over a decade since I recorded this, but I think it is still relevant today. So, join us this week as we talk about Fundamentalism, Evangelicalism and the emerging middle.

Recommended Resources:

Dead Right: The Failure of Fundamentalism by Phil Johnson

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  • 235 - So Many Lions, So Few Daniels

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  • 233 - Depression in the Christian Life

    Depression is one of those things we don't like to talk about. As Christians, oftentimes depression is covered by fake smiles and cliché spiritual platitudes that we would like to think are true but merely serve to hide the shame we don't want anyone to know about. It is time to bring reality to the light. Man good Christian struggle with depression. This week our guest is Pastor Aaron Richert, the author of Depression in the Christian Life: Getting help up from people who have been down.Recommended Resources:Depression in the Christian Life: Getting help up from people who have been down by Aaron Richert