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205 - The Donkey Factor

This week I get to introduce to a great new author, Kevin P. Horath. Kevin has written a series of devotional books starting with the Elisha Factor and most recently, The Donkey Factor: Living a Life Used by God. He has even dabbled into children's books as well (which my own kids have read). So, this week, we'll focus more about the Donkey Factor, which explores an often underestimated animal and how it leads us to Scriptural encouragement to serve Christ.

Recommended Resources:

The Elisha Factor: Living the Double-Portion Life by Kevin Horath

The Pharaoh Factor: Living with a Hardened Heart by Kevin Horath

The Donkey Factor: Living a Life Used by God by Kevin Horath

Daniel and the Donkey Factor by Kevin Horath

The Factor Books

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