Basic Bible Podcast


174 - The Five Points of Calvinism, Part 6

We're back in our series on the Five Points of Calvinism. This week we're in point five - Perseverance of the Saints. Is it "once saved, always saved" or is there more to this idea? In light of all these deconversion stories, is it possible for a true follower of the Lord to walk away from their faith? Joining me to discuss this issue are some of my brothers from Faith Community Church, Jesse Knopp and Daytoven Raleigh. Its a great conversation you won't want to miss.

Recommended Resources:

Five Points: Towards a Deeper Experience of God’s Grace by John Piper

The Doctrines of Grace: Rediscovering the Evangelical Gospel by James Montgomery Boice  and Philip Graham Ryken

The Unsaved Christian: Reaching Cultural Christianity with the Gospel by Dean Inserra

Run to Win the Prize: Perseverance in the New Testament by Thomas R. Schreiner 

The Five Points of Calvinism: A Study Guide by Edwin H. Palmer