Basic Bible Podcast


173 - The Five Points of Calvinism, Part 5

As we continue on our merry way through the doctrines of TULIP, we welcome back to the podcast, Pastor Aaron White (Redeemer Bible Church). Aaron joins us to talk about Irresistible Grace. Can man ever reject the plan of God? Is this a violation of man's free will? Listen in and find out!

Recommended Resources:

Five Points: Towards a Deeper Experience of God’s Grace by John Piper

Chosen by God by R. C. Sproul 

The Potter's Freedom: A Defense of the Reformation and the Rebuttal of Norman Geisler's Chosen But Free by James R. White

The Five Points of Calvinism: A Study Guide by Edwin H. Palmer

Living for God's Glory: An Introduction to Calvinism by Joel R. Beeke 

Man Up, Kneel Down: Shepherding Your Wife Toward Greater Joy In Jesus by J. Aaron White 

Paul's Big Letter: A Kid-Friendly Journey through the Book of Romans by J. Aaron White

The Gospel of Our Grandfathers: Preserving the Good News for Future Generations by J. A. White