Basic Bible Podcast


030 - Together for the Gospel, Part 2 - The Interviews

This is our second podcast in our special series covering the Together for the Gospel conference. This edition features several short interviews I conducted while walking around the bookstore with my cell phone. These interviews include:

Barnabas Piper (Happy Rant Podcast) - Do you feel threatened by the Basic Bible competition?

Jess Miller (Pastor of Calvary Bible Church) - How has appearing on this podcast changed your life?

Greg Linscott (Pastor of Brown Street Baptist Church) - How should churches think through the arrival of a new pastor?

Aaron Coffey (Evangelist, Coffey Ministries) - What are you gleaning from the conference?

Jonathan Leeman (9 Marks) - Tell us about your new book.

Dave Jaspers (Pastor of Ridgewood Baptist Church) - What are some common mistakes people make when interpreting Scripture?

Don Whitney (Southern Baptist Theological Seminary) - What should you look for in a good fountain pen?

These are just some of the interviews that await you in this episode. So, what are you waiting for? Listen now!