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  • 252 - Life After Fundamentalism

    This episode features blogger Shannon Makujina. Listen in as Shannon talks not only about her journey away from fundamentalism, but we both discuss what happens next. Once you leave this bubble, what else is out there? What should you know? Listen in as we address this and so much more.Recommended Resources:My Journey from Fundamentalism to JesusGospel: Recovering the Power that Made Christianity Revolutionary by J.D. Greear

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  • 251 - Living Water

    As we count down the final days of this podcast, we welcome back Pastor Curtis King. Pastor King just recently released his latest devotional book, Living Water: Christ's Encounter With The Woman At The Well. We start off talking about some important background information about this passage and then wind up talking about being Christ-like in our presentation of the gospel.Recommended Resource:Living Water: Christ's Encounter With The Woman At The Well by Curtis King 
  • 250 - State of the Podcast Address

    Well, its been awhile since I have posted anything so I thought I would give you an update as to what has been going on recently and the direction this podcast is going.
  • 249 - Six Biblical Principles for Voting

    Today, voters in Ohio, Virginia, Kentucky, Michigan and Mississippi will be heading to the polls to vote. After having been inspired by a short video from my friend Dr. Don Woodard, I decided to just take a few minutes a share a few Biblical principles that I think Christians ought to consider when casting their ballots. This is all off the top of my head, but some helpful thoughts to ponder.Recommended Resources:Vote Biblically Life Relationships YouTube Channel
  • 248 - The Dentist Who Became A Missionary

    "People were going to the dentist and hearing the gospel." This week our guest is Dr. Jack Mitchell, a missionary with Gospel Fellowship Association. Dr. Mitchell's ministry takes him all over the world through doors not open to many others. Hear this remarkable testimony of how the Lord got a hold of his life and used him to take the gospel to the uttermost parts of the earth.Recommended Resources:Gospel Fellowship AssociationGod's Tooth Tales
  • 247 - The One Man Volleyball Team

    This week on the podcast we welcome an evangelist who had a great impact on my life, Bob Holmes. God has given Bob a unique and compelling platform to reach both Christians and non-Christians as a one-man, world record-setting volleyball player who travels across the U.S. and around the world playing exhibition volleyball games solo against teams of players, and speaking to diverse general audiences and groups including students, teachers, military veterans, prisoners at correctional facilities, the National Guard, fans at sporting events and more, often with the opportunity to share the Gospel message. Recommended Resources:Bob Holmes MinistryBook BobBeat Bob
  • 246 - Minivan Manhood

    Is it true that once you trade in the sports car for a minivan that you must also turn-in your man card as well? Well, Pastor Aaron White doesn't think so. This is a book for Christian fathers who are ready to step-up and shepherd their children as God commanded. This book is filled with practical advice and gospel-centered doctrine.Recommended Resource:Minivan Manhood: Shepherding Your Kids Toward Greater Joy In Jesus by J. Aaron White