Barre Talk


58: Romanie

Season 2021, Ep. 58

Belgian-Australian singer-songwriter Romanie reflects on how she has made Melbourne her home, making new friends and dodging lockdowns to create her new EP “Little Big Steps”. Daniel returns to solo hosting this week, with a full slate of fresh tracks to show.

Featuring these awesome new tracks:

Samuel Gaskin - RECKŌNING

Jelly Oshen - All Alone

Marianne Leigh - Sweet Goodbyes

Camille Trail - I Don’t Like You

BEACH PANIC! - Twist With Me

Club Camèl - Feel This Way

Wolf & Chain - Taste of Blood

Justin Stewart Cotta - Just Enough

French for Rabbits - Ouija Board

Neeko - How Deep?

Charm Of Finches - Canyon

NIDALA - Said Too Much

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Interview starts at approx. 32 min mark.

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