spiritual advice from a barbarian lunatic

Hi. My name is Christopher and I have created something which is close to my heart. Sometimes things change and before we know it everything is different. During my personal development I discovered spirituality as a tool to induce change and become the person I would like to be. Some trials I have faced, while others are yet to come. I stand atop the pinnacle of my consciousness and bring to you the insights I have gathered during my journey. The aim of this podcast is to enable you to work on your own. The aim of this podcast is to give you the key to your analytical mind by unmasking various layers of lies which surround us. Whether it is the industries benefit of creating the story of a killer-virus or the terrible and untrue things you tell yourself when you are alone in your room. I was alone a lot and I found ways to deal with my depression and with some of my self-destructive behaviour and habits. In case you want to know more about me, check out my Website: https://www.christopher-reusch.com An overview of all episodes can be found under the following link: https://christopher-reusch.com/pdf/Podcast-Episodes.pdf Disclaimer: There is nothing to disclaim. You are responsible for your actions. Love, Christopher