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Poets Martin Espada & Lauren Schmidt

Season 3, Ep. 88

OK -- sit down -- calm your busy mind -- and get ready to listen to two amazing poets read and talk about their work. Martin Espada is a world-renowned poet; he tells the stories of the Puerto Rican diaspora experience. Lauren Schmidt's poems live on the ground -- and are raw and brave, exposing the sacred lives of the oppressed and the unspoken secrets of familial love. And -- Lauren and Martin are married; this is the first time they talk about how their work and relationship mesh. Readings include selections from Lauren's recent publication Filthy Labors and several of Espada's most endearing works, including -- "Heal the Cracks in the Bell" -- and -- "Alabanza." This BCR episode concludes with this loving couple reading a favorite poem of the other. No kidding -- this is a treat!

BCR #89 was recorded on the Porch at Gebhard's Beer Culture Bar.

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