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Most Unusual Jobs

Season 6, Ep. 155

Park Bench Chats -- back in Riverside Park in Manhattan -- talking with our Upper West Side neighbors about their unusual jobs. And there were several. Join Rebecca and Alan as they talk with:

  • Sam who was a motion picture projectionist for senior citizen homes and was in charge of painting the lines on NYC street -
  • Al Gorgoni, guitarist, who was involved with most of the big hits that came out of New York City in the 60s including the opening riff of Van Morrison's "Brown Eye'd Girl" which he composed. Al also worked with the Monkees amongst many others -
  • Richard, who in the late 1950s, "unloaded cattle on the High Line -- actually large sides of raw cows -
  • Jackie who put jelly in jelly donuts on Cape Cod. No extra jelly--two squirt limit, please.

Alan talks about collecting sewage samples at a Howard Johnson restaurant. And, Rebecca tells the story of serving Cary Grant ice cream at a children's birthday party.

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