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Mentoring Poets: Susana H. Case & Mervyn Taylor

Season 4, Ep. 105

This was a fun +hour talking with two brilliant poets who mentor each other's new work. MERVYN TAYLOR born and lives in Trinidad, and now retired there, Mervyn graduated from Howard and Columbia Universities. He taught at Bronx Community College, The Young Adult Learning Academy,  He has published six books of poetry and won the Paterson Poetry Prize for sustained literary achievement.  His poetry focuses on the particular and the personal, but there's always somehow the consciousness of the world.

Mervyn suggested that we invite SUSANA H. CASE to the BCR conversation because he found that there was an affinity in their work. Susana has written seven books of poetry and two of her chapbooks have won poetry prizes. Her work appears in many magazines and anthologies. Dr. Case is a professor and Program Coordinator at the NY Institute of Technology.

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