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Hunkering Down with Actor Kathleen Chalfant

Season 6, Ep. 158

I visited with American actor Kathleen Chalfant back when we first hunkered down due to COVID19 for our Hunkered Down Podcast. At the time, I expressed my gratitude to Joel Bernstein for inviting Ms. Chalfant to the podcast.   A celebrated and honored stage, film and television actor, Ms Chalfont debuted on Broadway in Dance With Me followed by M. Butterfly.  She has won numerous awards for her varied, powerful performances – in original Broadway productions. In Wit she played a scholar battling cancer – in Tony Kushner’s Angels in America, she played several roles including Hannah Pitt and Ethel Rosenberg.

I am not going to get into her extensive film and television work. Finally, in addition to the thrill of meeting this great actress, Kathleen was a fun and generous person to talk with.

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