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Escaping Ukraine

Season 7, Ep. 163

For this BCR episode, we were privileged to talk with a woman who a few days prior to the recording escaped the war in Ukraine. I teach at John Jay College of Criminal Justice and recently one of my students missed several classes. This was unusual as Mishelle is the sort of student any teacher would welcome – attentive – actively participating – interested in most topics I bring up – and always prepared. In one class -- I had noted a sticker on the back of her laptop -- "F*** Putin" -- and she shared with the class her concerns with what was happening in her country – Ukraine. When she returned to the class Mishelle told me that she had been occupied with helping to get her aunt-- Alla --out of Ukraine. Rebecca and I spoke with Alla, her sister, Tanya, and brother-in-law, Larry, at Gebhard’s Beer Culture Bar -- Mishelle translated. Alla spoke about experiencing constant Russian bombing -- her reticence to leave her life-long town near Kviv - escape through Poland, German, and finally reaching the Mexican border, the only route for Ukrainian refugees seeking asylum in the United States -- and about her hope that she will return to her country -- a free Ukraine.

Alan Winson

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