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Best Teachers & Jazz at the WSCG

Season 7, Ep. 166

Rebecca and I arrived early to The West Side Community Garden -- a verdant neighborhood oasis – to record the jazz offerings of Sabu Adeyola's Spiritual Reunion Band and to talk to its leader about his career and memories of his teacher Charles Mingus. By the end of the concert Randa Kirshbaum who produces these summer musical repasts -- renamed the band "Miracle" because halfway through the concert Mr. Adeyola’s bass collapsed – well the bridge of his bass collapsed. And since this is the UWS, there was a professional bass player in the audience who ran up to the stage and helped Sabu repair the instrument as the band played on.

Before the program we talked with members of the audience about their favorite teachers.  

So imagine this – it’s a late spring afternoon – birds are joyful -- the air is velvety – the bees are buzzing – the flowers are smellin fine – and you are amongst some of the friendliest people you could ever meet.

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