A Slogcast with James Ruppert

Bangernomics contrasts the absurd expense of buying new, with the supreme good sense of buying used. Bangernomics will show the mechanically bewildered how to buy a safe, durable car and most important of all save money.

Mimi asks Car SOS some questions wot I wrote

We posed some questions to Fuzz and Tim who front National Geographic’s top-rated car restoration show with a heart. Car S.O.S, returns to screens for its eleventh season on Thursday 9th March with 10 brand new episodes bringing fresh cars, fresh banter, and fresh celebs to an unmissable series that will make you laugh and shed a tear in equal measures.Here are those questions in full...1. You are running a two car team in this year’s Touring Cars Championship. Which rescues from the series are you entering? 2. Driving into the ULEZ, do you comply with the regulations or use the spinning 007 style registration plate you fitted to an SOS Car to fool the ANPR cameras? 3. You are given the choice to live in a 15 minute City or in the outlands with Mad Max. Do you buy a bicycle or make an Interceptor?Which bike do you buy or which car do you make into an Interceptor? 4. Should companies that convert classic cars into electric ones be imprisoned or face the death penalty? If it is death then which electric car should the entire workforce be wired up to? 5. The MOT needs to be replaced with a more rigorous testing procedure and applied to every vehicle, every year. Discuss. 6.Is Net Zero made up bollocks designed to con us out of cars and homes or it will result in Unicorns be re-introduced into the wild? 7. What was your favourite car of the series and what tea do you drink/biscuits do you eat during work breaks….?