Bah Humbug: A Christmas Movie Podcast with Helen O'Hara


Silent Night with Camille Griffin

"Silent Night" director Camille Griffin joins Helen to talk all about her film and Christmas in general.

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Helen O'Hara is also on the Empire podcast every week and hosts the Podcast "His Darker Materials" to coincide with the BBC/HBO TV drama "His Dark Materials".

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Shelley Stamp Special Episode

In order to celebrate the release of Helen's book "Women Vs Hollywood" in paperback, we're releasing this special episode featuring the full episode with Shelley Stamp.If you prefer paperback books or love purple books make sure to grab a copy now! Shelley Stamp (she/her): @StampShelley on Twitter Find out more about her work at You can purchase Women vs Hollywood in the UK, here:  You can purchase the audiobook of Women vs Hollywood on Audible in the UK, here:  You can purchase the audiobook of Women vs Hollywood on Audible in the US, here:  You can pre-order Women vs Hollywood in the US, here:  Host: Helen O’Hara (she/her)Producer: Maddy Searle (she/her)Executive Producers: Kobi Omenaka (he/him) and Ella Watts (she/her)Artwork: Steve Leard (he/him) Music: Jazz Apricot – Joey Pecoraro; Jazz Mango – Joey Pecoraro; Walk Through The Park – TrackTribe; On Hold For You by Kevin MacLeod - Link: - License:; Members Only – Track Tribe; Night on the Town - Track Tribe SFX: stefan021 via Find out more about Stripped Media and our other shows on our website, here:  If you enjoyed this episode, please consider giving us a five star review on iTunes or your Podcatcher of choice, and telling your friends and family about the show. Word of mouth is still the best way to market any podcast, and every little helps! From the whole team at Women vs Hollywood: thank you.