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Bagged and Bored

Episode 354 Old Poo Glass

Season 0, Ep. 354

It's Chris' pick for the Trade in Policy and we quickly run out of things to say about "Teen Titans Earth One Vol 2" and we devolve into a quick talk of Thor Ragnarok and the recent trip John took to Orlando to visit Chris...

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  • 570. 570 - Drunk Paul Update

    We sit down for another Pub Trivia episode where everyone brings a different set of questions to the table. This rounds topic: Spirits! We all take that in different ways and run with it in our Main Topic.We also go over some news in The Week In Geek, the comic books we're grabbing this week in The List, reenact a panel from Star Wars: The High Republic with a Dramatic Reading, as well as have a bunch of craft beer to review.
  • 569. 569 - Sometimes You're Good

    We shine some light on the second volume of Scott Snyder and Tony Daniel's Nocterra: Pedal To The Metal continuing on with the series we previously read for the Trade-In Policy way back on episode #545.We also try to figure out what the hell we're doing in the Week In Geek update to the Summer Movie Bracket, talk about the comic books coming out this week in The List, smash a Dramatic Reading from Supergirl #38, and crack open a few craft beer reviews.Have you checked out Nocterra? Let us know your thoughts at if we swayed you to read it and if you're asking yourself the same questions we are about continuing.
  • Bagged and Bored: BBQ Boys 10

    John and Paul sit down to talk their 4th of July offerings, and how they got to be that way.
  • 568. 568 - Your Body Denmark

    As June wraps up it's time for us to take a look at some of the comic books we read this month in the Monthly Look Back! We discuss Uncle Scrooge And The Infinity Dime #1, Absolute Power: Ground Zero #1, and Ultimates #1 as we head into the dog days of summer.We've also got a couple things to talk about in The Week In Geek, pick the comic books we're looking forward to in The List, bring a Dramatic Reading from Uncle Scrooge And The Infinity Dime #1 to life, as well as share a few craft beers.What was your favorite comic from this month? Let us know at
  • 567. 567 - Gozer The Carpathian

    It was Smash Mouth who said "the years start coming and they don't stop coming" and we can't help but to think they were talking about movies in the Marvel Cinematic Universe as we sit down for the 30th part of our ongoing look at the long running shared universe with Shang Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings.Theres's also a fair amount of chatter in The Week In Geek as we revamp our Summer Movie Bracket, look forward to the comic books coming out this week in The List, perform a Dramatic Reading from Shang Chi #1 and help ourselves to a fair amount of craft beers.
  • 566. 566 - Glue Balloons

    It's time for another Freemium Content, our look at free-to-play games and this week Paul picked Magic: The Gathering Arena. This long running (and King of CCG's) has been around for over 30 years, so how does the digital version stack up?
  • 565. 565 - Axe-Treme

    Posting late but that's because we had a full day of reading comic books! This week we bring you some of the books we read in May for our Monthly Look Back, featuring: The Boy Wonder #1, Archie Comics: Judgement Day #1 and William Of Newbury #1.
  • 564. 564 - No Weather Channel

    We sit down and talk our favorite vampires and vampire media in pop culture to celebrate World Dracula Day!
  • 563. 563 - That Weird Moustache

    Choo choo! All aboard the comic book train! This week we're talking about some of the books we read in April of 2024, including DC Comics Free Comic Book Day Offering Absolute Power #1, Dark Horse Comics' Monsters Are My Business #1, and from over at Marvel Comics: Fantastic Four #19.We kick off our official Summer Movie Bracket coverage in the Week In Geek, talk about the comic books we're buying in The List, dig into the longbox to do a Dramatic Reading from Barnstormers #1 as well as crack open a few craft beers to talk about through everything.Let us know your favorite comics from last month over at or on any of the social posts for this episode!