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515 - Regis And Philbin

Ep. 515

The Great Marvel Movie Retrospective is back but now formatted to fit your Television screen as we jump into WandaVision! With the 25th part of the MCU Disney+ starts filling in the cracks with what some of our favorite characters are up to when not on the big screen. Is WandaVision prime watercooler discussion fodder or did we change the channel? Find out in the Main Topic!

While we skip The Week In Geek this episode that just leaves us plenty of time for the comic books we're buying March 8th in The List, a Dramatic Reading from Superman #1 and a bunch of craft beer reviews!

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    We struggle with impostor syndrome as we get in to part 26 of our Great Marvel Movie Retrospective as we sit down and rewatch The Falcon And The Winter Soldier on Disney+, but we remind ourselves that the real super powers are the friends we made along the way.There's plenty of time for a Summer Movie Bracket update in The Week In Geek, chatter about the comic books we'll be buying in The List, a Dramatic Reading from Mouse Guard: The Owlhen Caregiver & Other Tales and a bunch of craft beer reviews.Would you take the super solider serum? Let us know at or on any of the social posts for this episode!
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  • 8. Bagged and Bored: BBQ Boys 8

    John wants to talk about sides, since we both haven't used our smokers in a while.