Bagged and Bored


500 - Throwback Opening

Ep. 500

Back before he was biting ears and starring in the Hangover movies, Mike Tyson was making video games! In celebration of the 35th Anniversary of Mike Tyson's Punch-Out, we discuss the video games that knocked us out! Left Hook! Shadow Of Mordor. Jab! TMNT. Jab! Brutal Legend. These are the games that got the 10 count from the ref for us.

We also celebrate our landmark 500th episode with everything that you already expect with The Week In Geek, the comic books we're buying this week in The List, a Dramatic Reading and reviews of some craft beers, plus some super friends of the show make reappearances through call ins!

So sit in and listen and let us know what games took you to the mat over at or on any of the socials for this post!