Bagged and Bored


493 - I'm A Flash Boy

Ep. 493

As summer winds down the Bagged And Bored Boys are ready to go back to school... in STYLE. We talk about our favorite pop culture schools from across media as we pack our books.

And speaking of books we talk about the comic books we're looking forward to this week in The List. There's also plenty of time for current events in The Week In Geek. We also prove our literacy skills with a Dramatic Reading and head to the school nurse for some hair of the dog that bit us with plenty of craft beer reviews (is it pumpkin, Oktoberfest and sour? or Oktoberfest, sour, pumpkin?), That's a joke for us.

But also this weeks album art is from when Paul and Chris visited Universal's Islands of Adventure to visit the Wizarding World Of Harry Potter ALMOST EXACTLY 10 YEARS AGO!!! Kinda wishing we had taken some pictures together now that we're older...

Anyways, if you've got a favorite pop culture school let us know on the post for this episode or directly at and just know if you do it'll be going on your permanent record...

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