Bagged and Bored


492 Invisible Woman Die Hard

Ep. 492

Pub Trivia is back, this time with a twist! In celebration of Rings Of Power coming out from Amazon, this rounds questions all tie into J.R.R Tolkien's works. What barrel do the guys have to scrape the bottom of to try to stump each other? Listen in to find out!

We still sit around at the Green Dragon to chat the biggest news stories in The Week In Geek, sit under some stone trolls and discuss the comic books we're picking up this week in The List, set off some of Gandalf's fireworks with a Dramatic Reading. Also there's a healthy amount of craft beer reviews, and don't worry: they come in pints.

Did we stump you on any of our questions? Do you have any that you want to stump us with? Let us know at or on any of the social media posts for this episode!

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