Bagged and Bored


488 Perfect Pearing

Ep. 488

Chris's pick for the Trade In Policy is the first volume of DC Comic's "The Sandman", getting us ready for the impeding Netflix live action series. This 80's horror-fantasy set the tone for comics in the Bronze age and was part of the creation of the Vertigo imprint signaling the swing towards mature readership in comics. Neil Gaiman and Sam Keith set up one of the most stellar comics runs of all time and you get to hear the guys ruminate over it.

There's always some news in The Week In Geek, the comics we're grabbing this week in The List, as well as a Sandman themed Dramatic Reading. Oh and don't forget some craft beer reviews as well.

Have you read Sandman? Did we convince you to if you haven't? Let us know at or on any of the social media posts for this episode!

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