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402 Missing Love

Ep. 402

Marvel's Avengers: Age of Ultron

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  • 563. 563 - That Weird Moustache

    Choo choo! All aboard the comic book train! This week we're talking about some of the books we read in April of 2024, including DC Comics Free Comic Book Day Offering Absolute Power #1, Dark Horse Comics' Monsters Are My Business #1, and from over at Marvel Comics: Fantastic Four #19.We kick off our official Summer Movie Bracket coverage in the Week In Geek, talk about the comic books we're buying in The List, dig into the longbox to do a Dramatic Reading from Barnstormers #1 as well as crack open a few craft beers to talk about through everything.Let us know your favorite comics from last month over at or on any of the social posts for this episode!
  • 562. 562 - Jesus. Your Horse Noises

    After a little break we're back with one of our big ones: it's the Summer Movie Blockbuster Bracket Buster. We talk about the top movies coming out in theaters this summer and pick who we think is going to dominate the box office this summer!These episodes are always a bit longer so we try to breeze through the Week In Geek, the comic books we're buying in The List, a Dramatic Reading from Black Road #1, and a bunch of craft beer reviews!What's your crowning pick for this years summer movie season? Let us know at
  • 561. 561 - Double Cross. Classic.

    We're ready to celebrate Star Wars Day in style with a new Tiers In Reign! This time we're ranking all of the big screen Star Wars releases. There may be some hot takes in here...We also bring in the usual scum and villany with The Week In Geek, find the comic books we're looking for in The List, feel a disturbance in Dramatic Reading and try to fly casual after a bunch of craft beer reviews.
  • 560. 560 - Punchy Paul Doesn't Use Mouth

    Happy Impossible Astronaut Day! We celebrate Doctor Who in our Main Topic this week with a look at all things Doctor Who.We also bring the usual segments to the table with the Week In Geek, the comics we're grabbing in The List, a Dramatic Reading from Immortal X-Men #17, and a bunch of craft beer reviews from the New Belgium Voodoo Ranger Action Pack.Let us know your thoughts over at or on any of the posts for this here episode!
  • 559. 559 - Moulin Don't

    For National Anime Day, Chris convinces John and Paul to sit down and watch some anime. Everyone picks a different property and we all watch the first episodes of: Spy X Family, Attack On Titan and Haikyu!! What's are the verdicts? Will we watch more? Listen in to find out!We also still bring the usual topics like The Week In Geek, the comic books we're looking forward to in The List, a Dramatic Reading from Archie Vs The World #1 and a few craft beer reviews. So listen in onegai! Ichi Ichi Ichi!
  • 558. 558 - Itchy Witchy

    Sometimes Paul picks good books for things like the List or the Monthly Look Back, can he finally nail the Trade-In Policy? We sit down with Archie Comics Sabrina The Teenage Witch by Kelly Thompson and Veronica Fish to find out!We also bring in some news in The Week In Geek, the comic books we're buying this week in The List, bring a Dramatic Reading from ___________ to life and crack open a couple with our craft beer reviews.Have you checked out Sabrina The Teenage Witch? What's your favorite iteration of the character? Let us know at or comment on any of the social posts for this episode!
  • 557. 557 - Talking Shit About Vampires

    This week we're back with John for a real episode! After reading a word book for the last one it feels great to be getting back into the comic books we read for the month of March with the Look Back! This month we discuss Dark Horse Comics Helen of Wyndhorn and then two from Marvel, with X-Men '97 #1 and Ultimate X-Men #1.Then as always there's a bunch of craft beer reviews, the news in The Week In Geek, the comic books we're buying today in The List, a Dramatic Reading from Star Wars: The Hidden Empire #1 and a lot of side chatter.What were your favorite comics from this month? Let us know at or on the social posts!
  • 556.5. Word Books With Friends - 22

    Chris and Paul are back with another Word Books With Friends, our non-priority book club podcast where we read and review genre fiction. This episode, the continuing tales of the Jedi of the High Republic in Cavan Scott's: Star Wars: The High Republic - The Rising Storm.Is it a comic book? No, it's a Word Book.
  • 556. 556 - Two Bowls Of Cereal?

    We're heading back into the final fron-Tier with the return of Tiers In Reign where we rank or favorite (and least favorites), this time we're taking a look at breakfast cereals!