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WTF is going on with Sporty & Rich?

Season 2

We touch on how we can all better educate ourselves about the Black Lives Matter movement across the globe and at home.

After Work Drinks: Let's Talk About Something Uncomfortable... Race

Bobo and Flex

Some ways to support Indigenous charities and organisations in Australia:

The Healing Foundation



Kelsey and Stef deep dive into the mess that is fashion and wellness brand Sporty & Rich and the woman behind it all: Emily Oberg. We discuss the issues surrounding the brands 'cancellation' including their stance on sustainability, plagiarism and the quality and customer service faults. We also delve into the wild 'wellness advice' from @sportyandrichwellnessclub including THAT food desert post that kicked everything off. The problematic behaviour on the podcast Failing Upwards - not once, but twice. You can listen here and here. Plus the backlash from influencers, which has us questioning if we all need to do more research into brands before we buy and promote them. Then, we give an update into her response to the whole saga and discuss where to from here? Head over to @notsportyrich2 for an insight into each stage of the story - from customer experiences, to poor products and screenshots of all of the above.

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