Bad and Busy


Clean Beauty 101

Season 1, Ep. 5
We dissect the concept of 'clean beauty' and dive deep into the products and potions we put onto our skin & bodies. We share some simple ways to implement natural skincare, including natural deodorants, ingredients to avoid and the meaning of greenwashing. PLUS 5 minutes with Mukti - founder of Mukti Organics shares some key things we should know including her fave bio hacks. ---------- Bad and Busy do Clean Beauty 101: For some more info on reading ingredients and labels, as well as books we recommend that will make digesting this episode a bit easier. The Clean Beauty Brand Bible: A list of B&B approved brands, along with standalone products. ---------- For a full rundown of our chat and to see what we're talking about check out our facebook page and instagram @listentobadandbusy

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