Bad and Busy


Part 2: Spirituality, science and living your best life (literally) with Psychic Medium Tracey Dimech.

Season 1, Ep. 19
In this two-part episode we chat to Spiritual Alignment Mentor Tracey Dimech. After dealing with alcoholism and struggling with addiction Tracey pretty much hit rock bottom, but was strong enough to bounce back and start over again. She shares her challenging journey and her current reality of living as a Physic Medium and how she uses her gift to help others reach the path to their higher self. We also touch on the tools and techniques you can use to manifest what you want (she did it and met Tony Robbins!) and how your energy, emotions and vibrations can impact your day-to-day. Positive vibes, guys! To see Tracey live and for more information check out For a full rundown of our chat and to see what we're talking about check out our facebook page and instagram @listentobadandbusy and sign up to our newsletter at

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