cover art for 2010 — The Illusionist & A Cat in Paris: Animation Abroad (feat. Luc Chamberland)

A Year in Film: A Hollywood Suite Podcast

2010 — The Illusionist & A Cat in Paris: Animation Abroad (feat. Luc Chamberland)

Season 4, Ep. 21

Animation expert Luc Chamberland helps Becky and Alicia draw some conclusions about 2010 films The Illusionist (directed by Sylvain Chomet) and A Cat in Paris (directed by Alain Gagnol and Jean-Loup Felicioli). A multi-award-winning filmmaker, Luc Chamberland was born in St. Lambert, Montreal, and was raised on an intense diet of films, television and comic books. He studied Cinema at Concordia University. He has lived and worked, directing commercials, in Paris, London, Berlin, Munich, Budapest, and Rome. His animation credits include AsterixFievel Goes WestWe’re Back, and Space Jam and he was the director of animation for the Dreamworks film Joseph: King of Dreams. Thanks to Seth's confidence, he directed the award-winning feature Seth’s Dominion. Meanwhile, he completed a Master’s in film at Raindance-Staffordshire University, UK. Now, back in lovely Montreal, this bon vivant filmmaker concocts many films projects, while living with his exquisite partner, Chantal, and their daughter, Lilith. 

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    Dread Central's Mary Beth McAndrews visits the A Year in Film Podcast to explore 2002's The Mothman Prophesies and Queen of the Damned with Becky and Emily, Mary Beth McAndrews is the editor-in-chief of Dread Central, as well as a filmmaker, journalist, and occasionally an academic. Her debut feature film Bystanders is currently in post-production. When she's not writing or watching horror movies, she spends her free time searching for Mothman. 
  • 18. 1991 — Pure Luck & Hot Shots! Slapstick Hilarity (feat. Petey Gibson)

    Physical comedy takes centre stage when special guest Petey Gibson joins Becky and Alicia to discuss 1991's Pure Luck and Hot Shots! Petey Gibson is a transmasc comedian, actor, producer and writer, currently recurring as C Hemingway on FOX's Alert: Missing Persons Unit, now filming Season 2 after a long and successful strike. His roots lie in comedy as a live comedian and Groundlings-trained improvisor, with appearances on Broad City and Grace & Frankie. 
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  • 16. 1991 — Zandalee & Dead Again: Bizarre Love Triangles (feat. Lindsay Gibb)

    Librarian and author Lindsay Gibb joins Alicia and Becky to unravel the 1991 love triangle movies Zandalee and Dead Again. Lindsay Gibb is a librarian at the University of Toronto and the author of National Treasure: Nicolas Cage from ECW's Pop Classics series. She is also the co-host of the Winona Ryder podcast, Winona Forever.
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    Actor Kimberly-Sue Murray joins Becky to discuss the touching 1991 coming-of-age comedies My Girl and Father of the Bride. Kimberly-Sue Murray is a graduate of the prestigious Canadian Film Centre and is best known for her recurring roles in Shadowhunters, V-Wars and Trader. Murray is also a prolific creator, writing and starring in the award winning short films She Came Knocking, Purl and Werewoman.
  • A Year in Film Live! 1993 — Batman: Mask of the Phantasm & Demolition Man: Big City Bads (feat. Anthony Oliveira)

    Special guest Anthony Oliveira joined Becky Shrimpton and Cam Maitland live at Fan Expo Canada to unpack a pair of films about big city criminal chaos – 1993's Batman: Mask of the Phantasm and Demolition Man. Anthony Oliveira is a National Magazine and GLAAD award-winning author, pop culture critic, and PhD living in Toronto. He is the film programmer for the Revue Cinema's DUMPSTER RACCOON CINEMA programme, and the host of the podcast THE DEVIL'S PARTY, examining Christian poetry through a queer readership lens. His first novel, Dayspring, is forthcoming from Strange Light Press in 2024.